Melanie "Mel" Talbot

She is 5'4", 90 lbs with green eyes and shoulder length brown hair. She commonly wears her mechanics overalls, an Atlanta Braves ball cap, and a tool belt.


Name Melanie “Mel” Talbot Sex: F Alignment principled
O.C.C.: Survivor:
Hgt: 5’4" Wgt: 90 Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Age:23
Lvl: 1 XP: 0 XPNeeded:1875

P.E.16 P.B.14 Spd:14

S.D.C.:25/ HitPoints:23/ P.P.E.5

SKILLS: Mathmatics;Basic
Language; Native tongue
Literacy; Native language
Drive Automobile
Auto Mechanics
Athletics General
Basic electronics
Basic Mechanical
Computer operation
General repair& maintenance
Motorcycles & Snowmobiles
Munitions Expert
Vehicle Armorer
Juy Rig
Tracked Vehicles
Combat Driving
WP Blunt weapons
WP: Handguns
Basic hand to Hand
Radio Basic
Physical labor
First aid
Wardrobe & Grooming
W.P. Knife
W.P. Shotguns


Mel was born in Atlanta and grew up there until her parents retired to Powderville during at the beginning of her Freshman year of High school. She has always had a knack for working with machines and is definitely a motor head. She never did quite fit in to the society of Powderville. Besides shying away from being a classic “Southern Belle”, she was one of the only people in the town that not only did not attend church but was openly an Atheist. Being somewhat of an outcast did not bother her much and since she would actually fix the customer’s cars and at a reasonable price(unlike the other local mechanics) her business thrived.

Mel has taken some basic self defense training, as well as firearms, which has helped her on many occasions fend off unwelcome advances from a few of the locals who thought that because she was an outcast that she was not worthy of common human decency. Of course, this was no defense from the gossip mill, but as long as business was good she could save up enough to one day open up a shop in Atlanta.

When the outbreak of the super Flu and violence occurred the healthy residents either fled or were evacuated by the Sheriff to the Powderville’s 1st Baptist Church. She would have preferred to ride out the crisis in her shop but the evacuation was mandatory and in the middle of the night. At first the people at the church left her alone but as the radio reported more and more disturbing events and the hope of help seemed to shrink the people wanted someone to blame. Reports of Zombies from the radio and from late refugees who had witnessed family members turn drove the pastor into a frenzy about sinners and the end of the Earth. Then the party of government volunteers arrives with a doctor from the CDC, but rather than bringing news of their salvation they brought dire news indeed. Then there was a keening moan of zombies approaching the church.

That was the final straw, the pastor and his fanatics grabbed Mel accusing her of being a succubus and harlot bring the demons to their door. The party confronted the pastor which only brought weapons to bare out from both sides and accusations that the party brought the demons with them. The room erupted into chaos when a teenager turned out to be a zombie and unbarred the front doors letting zombies into the church. Mel used this distraction to make a break for the bell tower. The party fought the pastor and then followed Mel across the roof and then to the parking lot to her waiting 1979 Honda Civic. With no other place to go Mel took them to her garage on the outskirts of town. There were a few zombies but she shut the garage door before they could attack.

Melanie "Mel" Talbot

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