Jason Harkin

A former Navy Corpsman who did a 6 year stint in service.


O.C.C. Survivor
Occupation: Medicine: Paramedic
IQ 23
ME 11
MA 5
PS 20
PP 14
PE 14
PB 7
Spd 21


SDC 50
HP 14
Armor: Riot Armor: AR 10; 12 vs Zombie SDC 60

Skills: Mathmatics basic, literacy english, Language english, drive Auto, body building, paramedic, radio basic, road wise, sensor equipment, track, combat driving, computer op, brewing medicinal, hollistic, basic mech, brewing basic, hand to hand basic, froced march, astronomy and navigation, WPA Axe, WPM Handgun, WPM Shotgun, fishing, prowl, running, boxing, physical labor, horse riding, cowboy

Special Aptitude Bonus: Faster Learner and Jack of Many trades.


At least 4 years of his time as a corps man was spent deployed overseas supporting Marines. He was afforded a rare opportunity to opt out and jumped at the chance. After getting back state side he moved to Alabama where he became a paramedic and ambulance driver.

He spent a lot of free time int he outdoors and practicing basic survival and maintaining his health.

He has not come fully to grips with his past military experience and with current events is having difficulty currently coping with the horrors of what he has faced.

Jason Harkin

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