Dr. Lawrence Welks

Researcher of infectious Agents at the CDC


Name: Dr. Lawrence Welks Sex: M Alignment: Principled
Hgt:5’11" Wgt: 200 Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Age: 40 Lvl: 1
XP: 0 XP Needed: 1875

I.Q.:29 M.E.:10
M.A.:13 P.S.:13
Perception 0 Stealth:4
Horror Factor:
Hit Points:19/

Language; Native tongue
Literacy; Native language
Drive Automobile
Advanced Math
Computer Operation
Medical Doctor: Diagnose
Medical Doctor: Treat
Technical Writing
Hand to Hand Basic
W.P. Targeting
Chemistry: Analytical
Motorcycles & Snowmobiles
Appraise Goods
W.P. Hand guns
Wardrobe & Grooming
W.P. Knife
W.P. Shotguns


Lawrence graduated from John Hopkins University. He specializes in researching and preventing infectious diseases and until recently lead a team at the CDC. His team was sent to investigate a case of a Chinese merchant sailor infected by passengers on the freighter. The passengers in the hold went crazy and the crew subsequently threw them overboard. One crew man had been bitten by one of the passengers and soon fell ill. when a Coast guard cutter did an inspection they found the crew member and when they received the real story they called the CDC. Their inspection of the patient had disturbing results but their research became side tracked when the pandemic super flu struck. The disease started off with flu like symptoms but was highly debilitating and spread like wildfire. The only saving grace is that the super flu was fragile and would burn itself out if it could not quickly find a new host. At first there were no commonalities between the Super Flu and their Chinese patient zero but as the disease progressed it mutated 100% of the time into a viral form identical to patient zero’s illness which although could only spread through body fluids actually lived longer by maintaining the host in a death like state.

That is when the riots happened and it was too late to prevent the collapse. while the super flu burned itself out in it’s airborne form it persisted as the zombie virus. The media and government thought the rioters were the sick and their families raging against the failed health care system but as soon as Lawrence discovered the Super flu mutated into the zombie virus he knew they were not mere rioters but something much worse. Lawrence evacuated and locked down the CDC. When the zombies broke into the lobby Dr. Phelps tried to evacuate some of the wounded via the helicopter. Dr. Welks argues with Drs. Brown and Schlesinger about bringing Alice, the head nurse, since she had been bitten. The altercation led to a scuffle and Welks ended up shooting Alice, Brown, and Schlesinger in the back. The shots made the pilot decide to lift off before welks could make it to the roof. As he reached the roof the helicopter started to fly erratically, shots from the helicopter rang out and Roberto, the maintenance man fell out hitting a railing on the roof. The helicopter slammed into the South side landing pad. Welks then called out for help getting out of Atlanta.

Dr. Lawrence Welks

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