Zombie Apocalypse Now

The Story...

Session 1

CRISIS! almost overnight people around the world were laid low with an illness that many called the Super Flu. The exact estimates are not known but as much as 30% of the population may have contracted the illness swamping the hospitals. Many people were denied admittance to the hospitals regardless of their insurance plans. In some areas the poor were turned out and their space in the hospitals sold for exorbitant prices. As people started to die, civil disorder and violence took through the streets. The cities went into marshal law with the governors calling in National guard and asking the federal government for to intervene with regular Army,

Many retirees and volunteers were also called up to act as reserves and provide support that is where the party comes in. 5th stringers pulled from the bench to help the main lines of effort deal with this national emergency and act a fillers until the US government could bring back assets from the chaos of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as from posts throughout the world. But it seems like no place is safe from the break down and this may take some time.

The Party begins the game by going on a mission to rescues 5 scientists from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which has been besieged by rioter. Since the facility houses some of the most deadly diseases in the world there is a thermobaric device set to go off destroying everything in the facility.

Unfortunately the truth is more dire than the team could have predicted as they discovered that all but one of the scientists are dead and the rioters are ZOMBIES! The team fought a zombie formally Dr. Huff and escaped by throwing the zombie back into the room and shutting the door. the commotion stirred up zombies in the stairwell who proceeded to beat on the door including one rather large zombie. While fleeing a zombie hiding amongst the corpses of the doctors grabbed a party member and a fight ensued with the party fleeing as the large zombie ripped off the airlock door. On the roof the pilot had his throat ripped out by a zombies he was taking off. And to make matters worse the juggernaut zombie threw a door at the helo damaging the aircraft. The co-pilot managed to fly the damaged helo out of the city but crashed outside of the town of Powderville.

The party lost consciousness during the crash for easily half a day. Upon awakening they found themselves strapped into the now upside down helo stuck in the branches of the trees.It turns out that the co-pilot woke first and fled the crash. The party followed a dairy cow to the 1st Baptiste Church of Powderville which was a refuge for survivors. Unfortunately the refuge was anything but. The party met a friendly mechanic there named Mel. But they also ran into the pastor who seemed to blame the end of the world on sinners and outsiders. Apparently Mel seemed to be his focus of anger and the fanatics wanted to send her out to the growing horde of zombies as a sacrifice and to cleanse this house of God of sinners. The party did not think this was right and bravely faced off against the fanatics in a Mexican standoff. The tension was broke when a zombie teenager who had been pretending to be normal turned on the hapless humans by opening the church doors to the zombie horde. A firefight ensued and the party followed Mel out through the bell tower, across the roof and to the parking lot. Mel drove them away in her hatchback and ended up going to her garage on the edge of town. what will the team do now? They seem safe in the garage but their entrance was noted by a few ghouls who even now are shambling their way to the building.


Rob you get 510 XP
Jonathan 535 XP
Stephanie 510 XP

The Story...

ZDay 1: The dead first rose as the first victims of the flu expired and then rose in the morgues of hospitals mainly, These zombies were not immediately discovered because by then the Super Flu was keeping the hospital staffs busy try to treat patients and relocate the waves of new patients. As more victims expired hospital staff were attacked in the morgues by the first ghouls. Personnel sent to investigate were like wise attacked and many zombies were then able to crawl from the bowels of the hospital, through out the hospitals, and then into the streets. by this time some of the ill at home started to died and re-animate in households all over. Cities felt the brunt as they were the worst hit with the Flu and the population density meant a quick encounter with the undead. Police sent to investigate attacks went with little man power or firepower and so were overwhelmed.

The Story...

ZDay 2: Overnight the zombie horde grew exponentially. To the government it looked like riots and anarchy. National Guard/Reserves and then regular military forces were called in by the governors to bring rule of law to the cities. Many people began to evacuate the cities as violence reached their neighborhoods. Military forces set up perimeters around the cities and bases to keep their forces supplied. The president declared national emergency and began to pull back troops from overseas bases.

The Story...

ZDay 3: The military finishes gathering to take back the cities. They plan a night assault in order to make best use of night vision and thermal technology which they believe will give them an advantage over the rioters. Volunteers and some military gather at Forward Operating Bases to assist the government with rescue missions and resupply. The party is called upon to rescue some doctors form the CDC that night. The roads out of the city are jam packed with refugees, the evacuation proceeds on foot. The night assault begins with the military declaring martial law and rolling in troops with riot gear and tear gas. After several hours of fighting the military breaks and is in full retreat. By midnight the CDC is destroyed and the party is flying the helicopter out of the city. Unfortunately, their helicopter crashes a short while later near Powder Springs

The Story...

ZDay 4: The party awakes in the crashed helicopter having been unconscious most of the day. they encounter survivors of powder springs in a church. A confrontation with a group of religious fanatics turns into a Mexican standoff, which is broken when zombies were let into the church. After some fighting the party made their escape with the help of the town’s mechanic, Mel.

The Story...

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